Burgess Sugarhouse
Vermont Maple Syrup
Underhill, VT
Burgess Sugarhouse Underhill, Vermont (802) 899-5228  info@burgesssugarhouse.com
Welcome to our Sugarhouse
We pack all of our maple syrup in glass containers.  
Why?  Because we feel glass is the only material that preserves the pure taste of maple syrup.
Please visit our
online store to have some of our maple syrup, maple cream or
maple sugar shipped to you.  Our syrup is also available for local pick-up.
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Breast Cancer Awareness - Half Gallon - $50
At the age of 35, our friend Maggie was recently diagnosed with
Stage IV breast cancer.  We are offering this special to help raise
money to support her and her family.  Thank you!
You will receive:
We will donate:
One 1/2 Gallon Glass Jug of
Vermont  Maple Syrup
Grade A: Amber Color/Rich Taste
$20 toward Maggie's fund
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Breast Cancer Story
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to this family
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Surrogacy Story